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Pic2Go Revolutionises Event Photography at the Shrewsbury Half Marathon 2016

Pic2Go barcodes are easy to use and great for participants

Pic2Go Revolutionises Event Photography

When it comes to telling the story of an event, images can say more than words. Event organisers know that great photos can capture the excitement of the day, and in an ever-demanding world of social media it’s now all about making these photos instantly accessible. This is where Pic2Go technology is changing the landscape of event photography.

Pic2Go allows instant social media sharing of event photos and automated photo identification for competitors, delivering significant benefits for both brands and participants during an event.

Used internationally at major marathons, half marathons, cycling, endurance and other race events, the patent pending Pic2Go technology uses unique 2D barcodes on race numbers to enable competitors to be identified quickly and efficiently. It then sends the right photos to the right competitor’s personal social media photo album, so they are immediately sharing their experiences with friends and family.

For brands the potential is huge. Branded event photos being shared quickly with event participants and their wider social circles drives engagement and creates extensive marketing reach for event organisers, sponsors and charities. Since introducing the technology to the UK in 2014, Pic2Go barcodes have been used to catalogue images of over 100,000 participants in UK races.

Organisers of the Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Half Marathon, UKRunChat, reported 1.21 million image impressions on Facebook within 48 hours of the race on 19th June 2016, thanks to a team from Sussex Sport Photography operating the Pic2Go system. By the time the race winner had crossed the line over 3,000 photos had gone out, and as the last runners were finishing this had increased to over 22,000. All images from the day were fully uploaded, tagged and shared to registered runners within a few hours of the last person crossing the line.
Images from the Start were distributed before the runners had passed the first water station

Moreover, with a 9am start, by lunchtime runners were enthusiastically re-posting and sharing their images from Facebook on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

In order to receive photos ‘live’ on the day, runners were invited to pre-register two weeks prior to the race. It was thanks to Pic2Go’s automated photo tagging that rapid identification of multiple runners was then possible on race day. The Pic2Go system immediately shares the photos with the registered participants using the sponsor’s branding, creating albums in Facebook for them so they can see and share their achievement while emotions are still high.
A Pic2Go Barcode is only 41x41mm

Event Director Joe Williams at UKRunChat commented:The Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Half Marathon was UKRunChat’s first event and we wanted to give our online community the opportunity to take their virtual friendships further by meeting up and racing together. With our social presence I knew from the beginning that we would use Pic2Go. It’s such a perfect fit with UKRunChat from a social sharing perspective and gives fantastic value to runners.

“The results have been phenomenal. In addition to our 1.2 million impressions on Facebook we had a 9.9 million reach on Twitter on the day of the event – statistics more akin to much larger races.

“For us it was really important to tell a story of the event for the runners – not just providing one or two standard running portrait shots, but capturing the context of the day, the race location and their achievement. Pic2Go enabled us to do this perfectly and our competitors are delighted with the results, as are we. We would use Pic2Go for future events without hesitation.”

Running along the River - Early busy shots capturing the context are easily identified and given to runners
Sally Bliss from Pic2Go added:It was fantastic for Pic2Go to be sponsored by UKRunChat for the Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Half Marathon, as it meant that runners could receive their photos free of charge and sent directly to them on the day of the event. This represented a significant added value to the runners.

“We would like to thank Sussex Sport Photography for providing comprehensive photographic coverage of 9 locations at the event. They also provided a fully searchable online sales gallery for print or high resolution file purchase after the event.”
Multiple Runners captured in context of the Shrewsbury Town Centre

Pic2Go has revolutionised event photography. The speed of interaction is unique in the market.
Other key competitive benefits of world-leading Pic2Go include distribution of images as soon as they are captured, rather than being held in batches; easy sign-up through the event or sponsor website; a measurement dashboard for reporting and campaign analysis; and the ability to tell a story through engaging contextual images of the event location, to include the buildings and landscape rather than solely running portraits.

Pic2Go is also a great tool for sponsor recruitment, with the technology driving interactive sponsor engagement, wide social reach, brand awareness and increased fan acquisition.

The Pic2Go technology is available in the UK exclusively through Pic2Go UK Ltd

International races using Pic2Go technology include Malta Marathon, Chicago Spring Half Marathon, Tel Aviv Marathon, Bucharest International Half Marathon, Wings For Life World Run Slovakia, Japanese Saroma 100K Ultra Marathon, The Color Run Romania and Battlefrog Obstacle Race Series.

Race directors and event organisers in the UK who wish to discuss the technology and obtain further details can go to , email or call 01273 833331.

Pic2Go Barcodes can be added to bicycle numbers too !

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